You are Now Entering The Parlour...

Thank you coming to pay your respects.

My name is JessD, owner and creator of Embalmarina's Traveling Postmortem Fauxtography Parlour.

Like many of you, I've always found a ethereal beauty in Victorian era postmortem photographs. The lace, the velvet, the trappings, and of course, the profoundly at peace, perfectly posed, departed. The quiet and solemn beauty of these photographs are emotions that can only be captured within a setting as this.

Therefore, I was inspired to make it possible for people to experience this feeling for themselves, of themselves. And of course, that has evolved into many unique and creative forms of expression among my clients.

The Parlour has become a space where people feel safe, free, and able to step out of their comfort zone. They can temporarily enter another world, come back, and then, perhaps even return with a more profound understanding of life and death.

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